Group Health Insurance

Group Health insurance will improve who decides to work for you, or who stays with you long term. When employees leave the cost of retraining new employees can be costly and  easily reduced by simply retaining employees.

Many employers will simply give someone a raise, but studies show that dollar for dollar employees prefer employer benefits and rethink leaving jobs with a benefit package in place.

A strong reason for group health is to spread the risk and spread the cost among all employees. In most cases the insurance is still less expensive for everyone when compared to getting insurance on their own.

The health plan can also be set up on a pre-tax basis reducing the overall cost of insurance and lowering FICA responsibilities to the employer.

Having a health plan in place could result in a desirable employee choosing to hire on or not hiring on… They need insurance but will never tell you why due to the nature of the treatment.

What is not to like? Lowering insurance costs and retaining employees is a big reason to have group health.

There are a couple of coverages that many employers ignore when putting in place a health plan….Dental and Vision benefits.

These two benefits are very inexpensive and yet employees find these very appealing in a benefit plan options. They use them every year, where health plans are normally as an IN-Case they have an event type of coverage.

So do not forget about the inexpensive options that is considered very appealing.


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How would Group employer sponsored plans impact you?

Reduce costs…It normally reduces costs for the employer and employee.
Retain and Attract employees…About 49% of small employers offer group health. Your competition may be getting the best of the best out of the employee pool.
You can share the costs with the employees.
87% of small business owners cite that attracting and retaining employees are important reasons to offer benefits.
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