Commercial Insurance

How confident are you that your insurance will cover you for commercial insurance, are you exposed?

One of the most important aspects of running a business is transferring the risk associated with lawsuits, equipment theft, employee injuries or business interruptions and business reputation issues to name a few.


The point of having an insurance policy is so that when a loss occurs you can pick up the phone and go back to doing what you do best as soon as possible.

  • The costliest claims come from
  • Reputation claims ($50,000)
  • Accident claims ($45,000)
  • Product liability claims are well over $30,000

A lot of business owners try to get by on personal insurance coverages and think they are covered, but a loss investigation  can uncover improper uses of insurance or huge gaps making you vulnerable to significant losses.

Almost half of businesses will sustain a loss in the next 10 years; Knowing this would you drink any glass of water knowing that 4 in 10 are tainted and that your odds are about 40% of drinking from the wrong glass?

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Over 70% of US Business are underinsured

40% of businesses never reopen after a disaster
60% say they are insured and 40% use their personal insurance as a business policy.
A Homeowners policy does not cover a home office for business purposes.
64% using a personal vehicle for business purposes, an accident using personal vehicles exposes you to being not insured at all.
50% of companies have sensitive customer data and could create a lawsuit if exposed
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