Cancer Insurance

One of the worst experiences you can go through is sitting in a doctor’s office and hear the words…You have cancer.

As you hear those words and wonder if you are going to die, and then it all sets in. How much is this all going to cost and how much will my health insurance cover?


Followed by numerous adrenaline-fueled emotions such as denial to I can beat this.

Consider this: If you have a cancer insurance plan to cover the unexpected this could be one less concern and bring you much added relief knowing you can focus on getting better.

Cancer insurance can provide lump sum payments of $1000.00 and up to $75,000.00 or more for a covered diagnosis that you can spend any way you want.

This money is regardless of what your health insurance pays. Think of the possibilities it can provide.

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Why should you have a review?

When you get a cancer diagnosis, your health insurance plan will have deductibles and co-pays for your medical treatments.

However, with cancer insurance it does not have a deductible and can immediately provide a lump sum check to cover unforeseen expenses.

Here are some expenses that are typically not covered by health insurance, but a cancer policy could pay for

Insurance co-pays
Travel, lodging, meals for you or others
Meal services
Treatment choices
Going out of network
Home healthcare aids
Home cleaning services
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Why Should you buy cancer Insurance?

1 in 2 men will be diagnosed with cancer.
1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer.
Remember what you went through when you had a loved one diagnosed with cancer?

Use the money any way you want to.

Meal Services
Going out of Network
Treatment Choices
Travel, or for others
Retrofitting homes to put up things like wheelchair ramps.
Maybe you want a family member or someone to come live with you or by you and this can cover those expenses, such as an apartment for them.
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