Accident Insurance

Do you have enough savings that could help pay the bills if you were suddenly injured and unable to go to work while recovering from a broken leg or something more serious?

Roughly1/3 of the population has an ER visit each year.

According to the CDC 122,000,000 people visit the Emergency Room and doctors office from unintentional injuries.

Accident Insurance is not health insurance; it is insurance that can pay you cash in a lump sum if you accidently break a bone, get a serious burn, coma, concussion, laceration or accidental death.

You can also get paid for

  • Ambulance Rides
  • Emergency Room Visits
  • X-Ray’s, MRI’s, CT Scans
  • Medical Treatment
  • hospitalizations

You can spend the money anyway you want. It can help pay for insurance deductibles, co-pays, groceries, gas, day-care for kids, Taxi Rides, spend it how you want to and need to.

Accident ins

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Accident ins2

Why Should you buy accident coverage?

1 in 3 people will go to the emergency room every year.
The average Emergency Room visit is $2200.00.
How much was your last emergency out of pocket expense?
Add your children to a plan.
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