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Commercial insurance

How confident are you that your insurance will cover you for commercial insurance, are you exposed?

Accident Plans

Accident Insurance is not health insurance; it is insurance that can pay you cash in a lump sum.

Disability Plans

If you are self-employed, what have you done to protect your income, or what are you doing to attract and retain employees?

Employers Plans

The health plan can also be set up on a pre-tax basis reducing the overall cost of insurance and lowering FICA responsibilities to the employer.

Cancer Plans

If you have a cancer insurance plan to cover the unexpected this could be one less concern and bring you much added relief knowing you can focus on getting better.

Life Insurance

It should not be so expensive that you dread making a payment; it should be affordable and comfortable to pay, knowing that it is securing the future for the people you love.

Prepare for the unexpected

The advantage is yours…Dependable income replacement pays the bills when you cannot. Personalize a disability package for you and your employees today.


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